Life is just a series of breaths, 
Filled with colour, 
Bright like the sun, 
Screaming into the sky, 
I am windswept, 
Destined to surrender and accept that my only direction is decided by the fire that burns in my heart's depth, 
all that exists is this moment and the emerging next step, 
Inspired by the beauty demonstrated by people and life, 
Inspired by acts of kindness and unavoidable strife, 
touched by both the darkness and the light, 
I offer you this softness of breath, 
For you to look inside and find that there is nothing left, 
nothing left to be consumed by and nothing left to fight, 
I offer you my heart and this light given insight, 
Sent from the mystery of sky and delivered directly to the place I feel so clearly at home, 
In the deep caverns of your eyes, where this slow dance into beauty begins and becomes a long, deep and endless, sigh...

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