Yes Master

Student says: 

I am ready for the next page,  the next chapter, 
I am ready for right now and the moment after, 
I am ready for the emerging future, for joy and laughter, 
I am ready for loss, 
I am ready to be broken open further, 
I am ready for the pain of disappointment after another inflated expectation, 
I am ready for that next blind corner that life throws up into my face, 
I am ready for commitment to love, joy and embrace, 
I am ready for asking questions rather than looking for answers, 
Giving up on suffering and joining the dancers, 
I am ready for the here and now and burning tomorrows, 
I am ready for ecstacy, joy, sadness and sorrow, 
I am ready for serving others, 
Midwifing Spirit through embodied presence and creative relating, 
Poetic performance & soft spoken narrating, 
I am ready to live out of the light, 
I am ready to die for the cause of Joy & devolve from the fight, 
I am ready to fast and to pray, to live for this day and embrace the emerging way. 
I am ready! 

Teacher says: 

When we are really ready to do something we don’t talk about it.  

c. Copyright 2016 Anu Azrael

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