You My Mythical Isle

Ships have sailed & never returned, 
Destined for the mythical island of your eyes, 
Mysteries dance in and out of the shadows, 
The light of your unknown can be dreamed about but never touched, 
Rolling black curls frame ancient faces as I am reminded of familiar places, 
Your image is but a hairs breath away from my eyes yet I feel the distance greatly, 
Echoes of your truth threaten the bows of my ship but never reach me, 
Until I am broken open onto your rocks, 
Bleeding out and taken by the tides slowly being washed towards you, 
Exhausted body and exhilarated soul slowly rejoining the flock. 
Beams of light and shards of glass dance atop the waters surface, 
I am embraced by soft ground and welcoming skies, 
The sound of calm and gentle goodbyes from deep in the ocean of my soul, 
I open my own eyes, full. 

I sit up, finding myself sitting at the side of the port near my village, 
I watch as the next ship sets out to discover you, 
I now know they will never return, 
For what they seek can never be found at sea. 

I close my eyes, put my hand on my heart and whisper quietly, 
You will be safe here with me. Upon my lips a gentle smile. 
In my heart are you, my mythical Isle. 

c. Copyright 2016 Anu Azrael

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