Rhythm is Life

I have been playing since 2003.  I walked 2000km to Spain from London at this time and when I arrived to Santiago I bought a drum and have been playing ever since.  I spent the first few years playing in Psy-Trance Parties, learning to synchronize myself with the recorded beats, I haven't had any teacher, nor do I have a clue about traditional african drumming rhythms.  My rhythm is born of Soul.  My teacher of rhythm has been Dance Music, Poetry and the streets. Busking on the streets of London, Drumming on the streets of India, Drumming in the parks of Stockholm, Drumming whilst waiting for the tube, Drumming at Anti-War protests, Drumming in dance classes around London.

I synchronize my rhythm with the recorded electronic music being played, my rhythm is sharp, unique and spontaneous, I don't need to know what you are playing before the set and often feedback from dancers is that my rhythm was so tight that they thought it was part of the recorded music. 

'Rhythm is a deep expression of Soul. That I am fully alive is communicated through these beats born of fire'